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Inventory / Slimming Service


Cases of our Inventory & Slimming

By reducing junk resources, checking for missing resources, identifying Target resources, creating processing flows, CRUD diagrams, etc., the system can be visualized and steadily prepared for updating.

Excerpt from a customer presentation document


Source :JUAS Square 2016

Report list

⟺ スクロールできます
Category Deliverable name Remarks
Inventory standards Show the criteria for Inventory analysis.

Results of Inventory analysis
* Adjusted according to customer’s request and system

Inventory resources summary
Inventory result summary
List of resources to be analyzed
Clarify unnecessary, duplicate, target resources, log output status, etc. for all resources subject to Inventory.
List of missing resources
・Those that are called by job controller, programs, etc, but do not exist in the resources you provided
・Although some programs may be called due to missing resources, they are not on the list because they cannot be analyzed.
List of resources not subject to analysis
Resources provided by customer that don’t need to be analyzed, because of resource types, etc.
Summary of similarity analysis results
Similarity list
Process flow (optional)
Online: Screen transition diagram
batch: job flow
CRUD diagram (optional)
For FILE, DB access
Program hierarchy diagram (optional)


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