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System Reform

With advanced AI conversion technology, our unique method of migrating legacy systems such as mainframes and office computers, aging UNIX and Windows systems, etc. to the latest OS, DB, programming language, framework, etc.
Furthermore, the introduction of new technologies and the improvement of functions can be realized by converting to RDB data structure, loose coupling between systems, method conversion of forms & I / F, function improvement such as expansion of ID digit number, business visualization, utilization for BI and RPA.
We have achieved the highest level of QCD, maintainability and added value with AI technology.
Used by more than 60 of the TOP 200 companies listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Overview Of System Reform

With AI, we provide extremely high quality and low-cost modernization with function improvement.

System Reform Tool

System Reform tool packed with unique know-how accumulated since 2001.

Reasons for realizing the industry-leading migration / testing tool

  • √ Know-how accumulated through the migration of more than 800 systems since 2001.
  • √ Requests for improvement of 50 or more update PJ at the same time.
  • √ Many years of research in the Migration Research Division, consisting of more than 40 specialist researchers.
  • √ Use AI technology to create best maintainability.
  • √ Realize high quality by our AI technology, don’t only rely on user test data.

System Reform Approach


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