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Mainframe migration

60+ companies of the TOP200 companies listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange chose us.

Idemitsu Kosan, Nissan, Japan Airlines, SoftBank, Kyocera, TOTO, Murata Manufacturing, Japan Petroleum Exploration(JAPEX), Unitika, Nitori, Toppan, Ricoh, Nitto Denko, Token, DAIDO LIFE INSURANCE, Mizuho Research & Technologies, Okasan Information Systems, Kanden Systems, JAL Information Technology(JIT), ITEC HANKYU HANSHIN, Nishitetsu Information System, KIRIN BUSINESS SYSTEM, JFE Systems, KOBELCO SYSTEMS, Toray Systems Center, Bridgestone Software, Tec Information Systems, NEC Group, NTT Group, T.D.I, PERSOL P&T, Unisystem, etc.

Customer Testimonial (presentations)

Idemitsu Kosan Idemitsu Kosan
Mazda Motor Mazda Motor
Nissan Motor Nissan Motor
Nissan Motor Nissan Motor

Multiple factors to consider in mainframe migration

Trends of mainframe migration

Possible problems of mainframe migration

The following problems require special attention as legacy system⇒OPEN system migration is essentially different from other development techniques.

Our migration solutions

System Reform
22 years of continued development
Japan’s largest system migration company
System Modernization
Cutting-edge migration
Inventory & Slimming
Define migration assets, delete not used assets, check missing assets
High-quality Testing
AI technical point test & business-day comparison test to realize quality assurance

Added Value Services

Main migration patterns


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